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Postindustrial Societies
International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences, 2nd edition (2015)
  • Brian A Hoey, Marshall University
The term postindustrial society presupposes categorizing society based on an economic means of classification. Its use rests on assessing the relative status of manufacturing industry as an economic sector. Significant adjustment in sectoral location and nature of employment precipitated by late-twentieth-century deindustrialization in the developed world led many social theorists and critics to predict broad changes throughout domains of everyday life. Some began to speak not only of sectoral transformation but also of an emergent ‘ postindustrial society. ’ Following earlier agrarian and industrial ‘ revolutions, ’ postindustrialism suggested yet another revolution that would again transform how societies were organized.
  • Industrial Sociology,
  • Globalization,
  • Economic Anthropology,
  • Postmodernism,
  • Modernity,
  • Postindustrialism,
  • Economic Restructuring,
  • Post-Industrial Society,
  • and Modes of Production
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James D. Wright
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Brian A Hoey. "Postindustrial Societies" OxfordInternational Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences, 2nd edition Vol. 18 (2015)
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