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About Brian W Dotts

Brian W. Dotts, PhD, is an Associate Professor of educational foundations and critical studies in the Department of Educational Theory and Practice, University of Georgia. He has published peer-reviewed papers in the history of American Education, specifically education and political theories during the American Revolution and early national period, common school politics during the Antebellum Era, John Dewey and Social Reconstructionism during the early twentieth century, and educational foundations as a field of study. He is author of The Political Education of Democratus: Negotiating Civic Virtue during the Early Republic (Lexington Books, 2012). He is a contributor to and co-editor of another book titled, The Elusive Thomas Jefferson: Essays on the Man Behind the Myths, which is due to be released in October 2017 by McFarland Books. His latest book focuses on the philosophy and history of education, and it will be published in mid-2018 by Cambridge University Press.


January 2009 - Present Associate Professor, University of Georgia ‐ Educational Theory and Practice

Research Interests

Social Foundations of Education: History and Philosophy and American Politics and Political Theory

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Honors and Awards

  • Donald O. Schneider Mentoring Award (2014)
  • Carl Glickman Faculty Fellow Award (2016)



August 1998 - December 2005 PhD, Indiana University ‐ Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
August 1991 - December 1992 MA, Boston College ‐ Political Science
August 1986 - May 1990 BA, Indiana University Southeast ‐ Political Science

Contact Information

603 Aderhold Hall, Suite B
Department of Educational Theory and Practice
The University of Georgia
Athens, GA 30602


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Journal Articles (Peer Reviewed) (8)