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Understanding and Applying the Professional Code of Ethics
Tech Trends
  • Brian Robert Belland, Utah State University
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Springer Verlag
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The Professional Ethics Committee sponsored a professional development workshop, “Understanding and Applying the Professional Code of Ethics” at the 2007 AECT convention in Anaheim. This interactive workshop helped convention attendees learn how to use AECT’s Code of Ethics (2001) by examining situations containing ethical dilemmas. The three sections of the Code were addressed by Committee members Nick Eastmond, Andrew Yeaman, and Rebecca Butler. They presented cases from a variety of contexts, including business, K-12, and university. Each invited the audience to perform various tasks to practice working with the principles.

Originally published by Springer Verlag. Publisher's PDF available through remote link. This article is a part of the 2007 Convention Scrapbook.
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Belland, B. R. (2008). Understanding and applying the professional code of ethics. Tech Trends, 52(1), 43-45.