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Review of Maffeo Vegio: Short Epics
  • Brian Maxson, East Tennessee State University
In this fifteenth volume to the ever-expanding I Tatti Renaissance Library series, Michael C. J. Putnam, together with James Hankins, has prepared and translated four short poems of one of the quattrocento's greatest Latin poets, Maffeo Vegio.This slim volume con tains Vegio's widely read and translated Book XIII of the Aeneid and three of his lesser known poetical works: the Astyanax, the Golden Fleece, and the Antoniad. Following the traditional format of the series, the volume contains an edition of the Latin text with a facing page English translation. I found Putnam's translation to be accurate and lively andVegio to be an exciting author with a clear Latin style. This book was truly a delight to read. 
Publication Date
Spring 2006
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Brian Maxson. "Review of Maffeo Vegio: Short Epics" (2006)
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