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Exploring Nondeliberative Practice Through Recreational, Art, and Music-Based Activities in Social Work with Groups
Social Work with Groups (2016)
  • Brian L. Kelly, PhD
  • Lauren Doherty, MSW, Loyola University Chicago
This article reviews the history of recreational, arts, and musicbased activities in social work with groups, providing a nondeliberative practice context. The article begins with an overview of nondeliberative practice, then presents various uses of recreational, art, and music-based activities during the Settlement House and Recreational Movements, in mid-20thcentury group work practice and in present practice. The article concludes with a review of current projects in the Chicago land area and highlights their potential to decrease young person on young person violence.
  • Activity groups; art; group work; music; nondeliberative practice; recreation
Publication Date
April 26, 2016
Citation Information
Kelly, B. L., & Doherty, L. (2016). Exploring nondeliberative practice through recreational, art, and music-based activities in social work with groups. Social Work with Groups, 39(2/3), 221-233. doi: 10.1080/01609513.2015.1057681