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The Louisiana Governors: From Iberville to Edwards
DLPS Faculty and Staff Book Gallery
  • Brian Coutts,, Contributor, Western Kentucky University
  • Joseph Dawson
The Louisiana Governors is a one-volume reference work on the diverse, frequently colorful leaders of Louisiana since the eighteenth century. From Iberville to Edwards, this biographical directory provides a comprehensive look into the lives of sixty-six men who have wielded their political power in molding the history of the state.
Publication Date
LSU Press

Dr. Coutts has been a member of the Department of Library Public Services faculty since 1987. He administers a large public services department (16 faculty, 24 staff, 86 students) in an academic library with additional responsibilities for three branch libraries and Extended Campus Library Services. Liaison and collection development responsibilities for History, Canadian Studies, Latin American Studies, GLBT Studies, General Humanities and the General Reference Collection.

Citation Information
Coutts, Brian E. "Jean-Michel, Seigneur de Lepinay et de la Longueville, Governor, 1717-1718; Pierre Sidrac Dugue de Boisbriand, Governor, 1724-1726; and Etienne de Perier, Governor, 1727-1733," [in] The Louisiana Governors: From Iberville to Edwards. LSU Press. 1990.