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Investor Opportunism and Governance in Venture Capital
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  • Brian J Broughman, Indiana University - Bloomington

Professor Broughman's contribution, chapter 16, is titled "Investor Opportunism and Governance in Venture Capital."

9780470499146 (hb.), 9780470599792 (e-book)
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  • Venture capital,
  • Business and Economics-Finance,
  • Robert W. Kolb series in finance

Cumming, Douglas, ed. Venture Capital: Investment Strategies, Structures, and Policies. Wiley, 2010.

An essential guide to venture capital. Studies have shown that venture capital backed entrepreneurial firms are on average significantly more successful than non-venture capital backed entrepreneurial firms in terms of innovativeness, profitability, and share price performance upon going public. Understanding the various aspects of venture capital is something anyone in any industry should be familiar with.

This reliable resource provides a comprehensive view of venture capital by describing the current state of research and best practices in this arena. Issues addressed include sources of capital-such as angel investment, corporate funds, and government funds-financial contracts and monitoring, and the efficiency implications of VC investment, to name a few.

Opens with a review of alternative forms of venture capital. Highlights the structure of venture capital investments. Examines the role venture capitalists play in adding value to their investee firms. This informative guide will help you discover the true potential of venture capital.

Part of the Robert W. Kolb series in finance.

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Copies available in the Jerome Hall Law Library, HG 4751 .V472 2010

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Brian J Broughman. Investor Opportunism and Governance in Venture Capital. Hoboken, NJ(2010)
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