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Hazard Emergency & Accident Training Firefighter
Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences Images
  • Interdisciplinary Media Research Consortium, Interdisciplinary Media Research Consortium
  • Brett E. Shelton, Utah State University
  • Jeff Maxfield, Utah Valley University
Creation Date
The Institute of Emergency Services & Homeland Security (IESHS) at Utah Valley State College (UVSC) and the Creative Learning Environment lab (CLE) at Utah State University are engaging in an effort to build an “Emergency Services Training Simulation” for the purposes of helping train emergency services personnel in the communications and procedures of emergency response. HEAT is an interactive 3D instructional computer game that will provide first responders to a fire with the necessary training and background to handle a similar scenario in a real-life environment professionally, safely, and effectively. This is an image of the firefighter.
© Copyright 2006 Utah State University imrc
Citation Information
Interdisciplinary Media Research Consortium, Brett E. Shelton and Jeff Maxfield. "Hazard Emergency & Accident Training Firefighter" (2006)
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