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INST7870 - Data Visualization Theory & Practice, Fall 2006
Instructional Technology & Learning Sciences - OCW
  • Brett Shelton, Utah State University
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In this course you will explore the question of what visualization is, and why you should use visualizations for quantitative data. In doing so, you will address theoretical concepts and examine case studies that show the importance of effective visualizations in real world settings.

You will also look at how to interpret meanings in visualizations. Elements of cognitive science theory are addressed, and you will practice techniques to help with your interpretations. An additional objective will center on how to create meaning with your own visualizations, then examine appropriate forms for representation and also review design considerations.

In the lab portion of the course the main objective is to expose you to a variety of common and different digital visualization software tools. You will also have an opportunity to become familiar with the different kinds of interfaces. Lab assignments will focus on providing practice using real-world data.

Although software availability may change slightly, lab assignments will utilize the following software:

Microsoft Excel

Adobe Illustrator




Cam Studio


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Brett Shelton. "INST7870 - Data Visualization Theory & Practice, Fall 2006" (2006)
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