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Expert Versus Novice Tutors: Impacts on Student Outcomes in Problem-Based Learning
Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences Faculty Publications
  • Heather M. Leary, Utah State University
  • Andrew E. Walker, Utah State University
  • M. Harrison Fitt, Utah State University
  • Brett E Shelton, Utah State University
Document Type
Conference Paper
Publication Date
The tutor is an essential part of problem based learning (PBL). However, tutor characteristics and role are inconsistent. Meta-analysis was used to investigate both the role and training of PBL tutors as moderators of student learning. Weighted effect sizes were calculated on student outcomes with a modest favorable overall effect size for PBL; a vote count shows favorable results as well. Results indicate a mixture of peers and instructors do best when compared to peers and instructors alone. Tutor training appears to make a difference by itself, but when considered with tutor background, tutor training does not appear to moderate student learning. A framework for study factors and recommendations for future work are provided.
Paper presented at the American Educational Research Association annual conference in April 2009 in San Diego California.
Citation Information
Leary, H. M., Walker, A. E., Fitt, M. H., Shelton, B. E. (2009, April). Expert Versus Novice Tutors: Impacts on Student Outcomes in Problem-Based Learning. Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association, San Diego, CA.