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Expert versus Novice Tutors: Impacts on student outcomes in problem based learning
Association for Educational Communications and Technology (2009)
  • Heather Leary, Utah State University
  • Andrew Walker, Utah State University
  • Brett E. Shelton, Utah State University
  • M. Harrison Fitt, Utah State University

Problem based learning (PBL) is well known for the large amount of literature in Medical Education (Savery & Duffy, 1995). An essential part of PBL is the role of the tutor. With inconsistencies in the definition of an effective tutor, a systematic review of the literature in all disciplines is necessary. Meta-analysis (Cooper & Hedges, 1994) was used to investigate both content expertise and facilitator training of PBL tutors as moderators of student learning outcomes.

  • tutors,
  • training,
  • background,
  • problem based learning
Publication Date
October 29, 2009
Citation Information
Leary, H., Walker, A., Shelton, B. E., Fitt, M. H. (2009, October). Expert Versus Novice Tutors: Impacts on Student Outcomes in Problem Based Learning. Paper presentation at the Association for Educational Communications and Technology international convention, Louisville, KY.