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Is Educational Game Research Doomed to Fail?
Tech Trends
  • Brett E. Shelton, Utah State University
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Springer Verlag
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Perhaps the largest criticism of education research in general is that despite the thousands and thousands of empirical studies, presented and published work, relatively little impact has been made as a result in our schools. I worry that game research is already following the same tradition as educational research in general. The repetition of work previously done pervades the conference schedules. How many times have I attended a session claiming to have built “new guidelines” for the use of animation in education, or the evidence of “increases in motivation” associated with formal gaming activities, or the debate of what a definition for “game” should be? When will we learn from past mistakes and move beyond such trivia?
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Shelton, B. E. (2008). Is educational game research doomed to fail? TechTrends 52(5), 74-75.