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Faculty Colloquia, Spring 2012 Series
  • Mae C. Quinn, Washington University School of Law
  • Scott E. Sundby, Miami University School of Law
  • Julia D. Mahoney, University of Virginia School of Law
  • Howard M. Erichson, Fordham University School of Law
  • Deborah J. Cantrell, University of Colorado at Boulder School of Law
  • E. Lea Johnston, University of Flordia School of Law
  • Brett Frischmann, Cardozo School of law
  • Henry E. Smith, Harvard University School of Law
  • Oren Perez, Bar Ilan University Faculty of Law

January 30 Mae C. Quinn, Feminist Legal Realism

February 6 Scott E. Sundby, Anatomy of an Infamous Decision: McClesky vs. Kemp After 25 Years

February 8 Julia D. Mahoney, Health Care Reform, the Constitution and the "New" New Deal

February 13 Howard M. Erichson, Outsourcing Settlement

February 20 Deborah J. Cantrell, Lawyers, Loyalty and Social Change

February 27 E. Lea Johnston, Vulnerability and Desert: A Theory of Sentencing the Mentally Ill

March 5 Brett Frischmann, Infrastructure and Commons: From Roads and Telecommunications Networks to Ideas and Ecosystems

April 16 Henry E. Smith, An Economic Analysis of Law versus Equity

May 29 Oren Perez, Open Government, Technological Innovation and the Politics of Democratic Disillusionment: Democracy from Socrates to Obama

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Mae C. Quinn, Scott E. Sundby, Julia D. Mahoney, Howard M. Erichson, et al.. "Faculty Colloquia, Spring 2012 Series" (2012)
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