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Homicidal deviance
Crime and deviance
  • Brent E. Turvey, Bond University
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Turvey, B. E. (2009). Homicidal deviance. In W. Petherick & C. Ferguson (Eds.), Crime and deviance (pp. 199-230). Alaska, United States: Forensic Press LLC.

2009 HERDC submission. FoR code: 1602

© Copyright 2009, Forensic Press, LLC. All rights reserved.
Extract: The scrutiny afforded homicidal phenomenon of every description is all but immeasurable, whether in the mass media or the professional literature. Investigators prioritize it; the news leads with it; and we are all attentive when the subject arises. Yet, for all this consideration, we regularly struggle to understand and misperceive the nature and origin of homicide. The purpose of this chapter is to introduce students to the concepts of homicide and murder, along with their major deviant and non-deviant incarnations. It will provide a foundation from which any further study or examination of homicidal behaviour will be informed. This chapter will close with a rather disturbing commentary of the public fascination with homicidal phenomenon, and what it means with respect to our own deviant interests.
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Brent E. Turvey. "Homicidal deviance" 1stAlaska, United StatesCrime and deviance (2009) p. 199 - 230
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