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Performance of the 2002 NC-140 Cooperative Peach Rootstock Planting
Journal of the American Pomological Society
  • S. Johnson
  • R. Anderson
  • W. Autio
  • T. Beckman
  • Brent Black, Utah State University
  • P. Byers
  • J. Cline
  • C. Chavez-Gonzalez
  • W. Cowgill
  • R. Godin
  • G. Greene
  • M. Kaps
  • J. Kamas
  • H. Larsen
  • T. Lindstrom
  • D. Miller
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In 2002, a peach [Prunus persica (L.) Batsch] trial consisting of eight rootstocks was planted at 17 sites in the United States, Canada and Mexico. ‘Redhaven’ was the scion at ten sites and ‘Cresthaven’ at the other seven sites. The rootstocks tested were Adesoto 101, Mr.S.2/5, Penta, Krymsk®2 (VSV-1), Krymsk®1 (VVA-1), Pumiselect®, Cadaman® and Lovell. After five years, trees on Cadaman® were similar in size and productivity to Lovell. Pumiselect ® and Krymsk®2 exhibited many problems with survival, suckering and fruit weight. Adesoto 101, Mr.S.2/5 and Penta all showed potential as semi-dwarfing rootstocks although mortality and suckering were excessive at some sites. Krymsk®1 showed potential as a dwarfing rootstock with a trunk cross-sectional area 35% of Lovell. Trees on Krymsk®1 rootstock also had fruit weight equal to the more vigorous rootstocks and had the highest yield efficiency.

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Johnson, S., R. Anderson, W. Autio, T. Beckman, B. Black, P. Byers, J. Cline, C. Chavez- Gonzalez, W. Cowgill, R. Godin, G. Greene, M. Kaps, J. Kamas, H. Larsen, T. Lindstrom, D. Miller, M. Newell, D. Ophardt, D. Ouellette, R. Parra-Quezada, R. Pokharel, G. Reighard, T. Robinson, J. Schupp, L. Stein, K. Taylor, C. Walsh, D. Ward, M. Warmund, and M. Whiting. 2011. Performance of the 2002 NC-140 Cooperative Peach Rootstock Planting. Journal of the American Pomological Society 65(1): 17-25.q