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Together: Preparing Christian Educators for the Future
DiMenna-Nyselius Library Book Gallery
  • Dean R. Hansen
  • Brent A. Mai, Fairfield University
Since 1959, the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod (LC-MS) has been training Christian educators entering the profession that eventually came to be called the Director of Christian Education (DCE). The chapters of this book compile topics of interest to both practicing Christian educators and those studying to become Christian educators. Some chapters summarize research about DCEs and the DCE experience while others share years of personal experience as a DCE within a congregation.
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Copyright 2011 Concordia University

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Hansen, Dean R. and Mai, Brent Alan, "Together: Preparing Christian Educators for the Future". Portland, OR: Concordia University, 2011. 9781934961049

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Dean R. Hansen and Brent A. Mai. Together: Preparing Christian Educators for the Future. (2011)
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