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Using the QI Maturity Tool to Classify Agencies Along a Continuum
Frontiers in Public Health Services and Systems Research
  • Brenda M Joly, University of Southern Maine
  • Maureen Booth, University of Southern Maine
  • Prashant Mittal, University of Southern Maine
  • Yan Zhang, Texas Tech University, Health Sciences Center

Major investments have been made to encourage health departments to implement quality improvement (QI) efforts. Yet, there are few empirically tested tools for public health agencies that assess these efforts and classify health departments along a QI continuum. This paper presents a new classification scheme for measuring QI Maturity in public health agencies based on a validated tool. The findings can be used to establish benchmarks, make comparisons and conduct future research linking QI and population health outcomes.

Citation Information
Brenda M Joly, Maureen Booth, Prashant Mittal and Yan Zhang. "Using the QI Maturity Tool to Classify Agencies Along a Continuum"
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