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Nonmeasurable Sets and Pairs of Transfinite Sequences
  • Branko Ćurgus, Western Washington University
  • Harry I. Miller
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Many proofs of the fact that there exist Lebesgue nonmeasurable subsets of the real line are known. The oldest proof of this result is due to Vitali [4]. The cosets (under addition) of Q, the set of rational numbers, constitute a partition of the line into an uncountable family of disjoint sets, each congruent to Q under translation, Vitali's proof shows that V is nonmeasurable, if V is a set having one and only one element in common with each of these cosets.
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Branko Ćurgus and Harry I. Miller. "Nonmeasurable Sets and Pairs of Transfinite Sequences" Radovi Vol. Nauka LXIX (1982) p. 39 - 43
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