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About Brandy G Robinson

Areas of interests: Law, Humanities, Business, and Social Sciences

Research Interests

International Relations & Affairs, Social Sciences, History, Philosophy, Humanities, Peace and Conflict Studies, Political Science, Domestic & International Law, Human Rights, Counterterrorism, Minority Rights, Special Populations, Business, Technology, and Computer Programming

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Honors and Awards

  • Full Music Scholarship Recipient
  • Excellence in Teaching Award (2008 to 2010)
  • 2014 & 2015 United Nations Delegate for a NGO

Adjunct Hell: Getting Unstuck (1)

IP Piracy & Developing Nations: A Recipe for Terrorism Funding (1)

My Accidental Experimentation in Learning to Write Code (1)

TED (2)

Religiosity in Constitutions and the Status of Minority Rights (1)

When War Comes: The Response Of The Roman Catholic Church To The Fascist Powers Of Italy, Germany and Spain, 1935-1945 (1)

Consumer Protection, Hijacking and The Concepcion Cases (1)