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Evaluation in Latin America and the Caribbean: An overview of recent developments
Journal of MultiDisciplinary Evaluation (2004)
  • Thomas Chianca, Ph. D
  • Brandon W. Youker, Ph.D, Grand Valley State University

In the past ten years, evaluation, as a professional field, has undergone significant development in several countries in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). Four considerations provide clear evidence of such development: (1) establishment of professional evaluation organizations; (2) intensified dissemination of ideas and use of professional evaluation in the three key societal sectors: government, private, and philanthropic; (3) increased number of evaluation-related publications; and (4) growing establishment of short-term and graduate-level training programs in evaluation.

  • Latin America,
  • Caribbean,
  • evaluation,
  • evaluate,
  • trend,
  • program,
  • professional
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Thomas Chianca and Brandon W. Youker. "Evaluation in Latin America and the Caribbean: An overview of recent developments" Journal of MultiDisciplinary Evaluation Vol. 1 Iss. 1 (2004)
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