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The Reform of the Governance of the IFIs: A Critical Assessment
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  • Daniel Bradlow, American University Washington College of Law

The thesis of this chapter is that, despite all the governance changes that the IFIs have undergone, they still do not have adequate governance arrangements and will need to undergo further reform if they are to perform their mandates effectively. In order to establish this thesis, this chapter is divided into four parts. First, it describes the reforms the IFIs have agreed to and have implemented. Second, it sets out some benchmarks against which these governance reforms can be measured. Third, it assesses the adequacy of the reforms undertaken based on the benchmarks identified in the second section. The final section is a conclusion.

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The World Bank
  • international organizations,
  • international law,
  • international economic law,
  • international environmental law,
  • international human rights law
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Daniel Bradlow. "The Reform of the Governance of the IFIs: A Critical Assessment" Washington, DC(2012)
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