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MOS Translinear Principle for All Inversion Levels
  • Bradley A. Minch, Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering
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In this brief, we derive a translinear principle for alternating loops of saturated MOS transistors that is valid at all levels of inversion starting from a simplified version of the Enz-Krummanacher-Vittoz model of the MOS transistor. This generalized translinear principle reduces to the conventional one when all transistors in a translinear loop are biased in weak inversion and it reduces to the voltage-translinear principle when all transistors in the loop are biased in strong inversion. We show experimental measurements from an alternating loop of four nMOS transistors that was fabricated in a 0.5-mum CMOS process through MOSIS to corroborate the generalized translinear principle. Finally, we discuss some potential applications of the principle.


© 2008 IEEE. This article was published in IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems II: Express Briefs, vol. 55, iss. 2, pages 121 - 125 and may be found here.

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Bradley A. Minch. "MOS Translinear Principle for All Inversion Levels" (2008)
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