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Imaging Diffractometer with Holographic Encoding Enhancements for Laser Sensing and Characterization
Applied Optics
  • Joesph L. Binford, University of Dayton
  • Bradley D. Duncan, University of Dayton
  • Jack H. Parker, Wright Laboratory
  • Elizabeth A. Beecher, Air Force Research Laboratory
  • Mark L. DeLong, Systems Research Laboratories
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What is believed to be a novel holographic optical encoding scheme has been developed to enhance the performance of laser sensors designed for the measurement of wavelength and angular trajectory. A prototype holographic imaging diffractometer has been created to reconstruct holographic cueing patterns superimposed in the focal plane of wide-angle scene imagery. Based on experimental pattern metric measurements at the focal plane, a theoretical model is used to compute the laser source wavelength and its apparent propagation direction within the sensor's field of view. The benefits of incorporating holographic enhancements within an imager-based sensor architecture are discussed.

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Optical Society of America
Peer Reviewed
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Joesph L. Binford, Bradley D. Duncan, Jack H. Parker, Elizabeth A. Beecher, et al.. "Imaging Diffractometer with Holographic Encoding Enhancements for Laser Sensing and Characterization" Applied Optics Vol. 46 Iss. 17 (2007)
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