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Remote Work: Examining Current Trends and Organizational Practices
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  • Bradford S Bell, Cornell University
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[Excerpt] Although remote work offers a number of potential benefits, it is not without risks and challenges. Companies can find it difficult to build a culture that is accepting and supportive of remote work. It can also be difficult to track exactly who is working remotely, particularly when remote work is adopted more informally, and to measure the business impact of these initiatives. Remote workers can face a number of personal and professional challenges. For instance, they may struggle for exposure and access to professional opportunities and there is the risk that those working outside the office can become socially isolated. These issues suggest that companies need to be both careful and deliberate in how they design and implement their remote work programs. Although the academic community can help support evidence-based remote work practices, it is clear that this is an area in which practice is significantly outpacing research. This is not to say that research on remote work does not exist. In fact, there are some excellent studies in this area and we have gained significant insight into some issues, such as the impact of remote work on work-life integration. However, the academic literature has little to say on other topics, such as how to best manage development and advancement opportunities for remote workers.

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