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Team Learning: A Theoretical Integration and Review
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  • Bradford S Bell, Cornell University
  • Steve W. J. Kozlowski, Michigan State University
  • Sabrina Blawath, University of St. Gallen
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With the increasing emphasis on work teams as the primary architecture of organizational structure, scholars have begun to focus attention on team learning, the processes that support it, and the important outcomes that depend on it. Although the literature addressing learning in teams is broad, it is also messy and fraught with conceptual confusion. This chapter presents a theoretical integration and review. The goal is to organize theory and research on team learning, identify actionable frameworks and findings, and emphasize promising targets for future research. We emphasize three theoretical foci in our examination of team learning, treating it as multilevel (individual and team, not individual or team), dynamic (iterative and progressive; a process not an outcome), and emergent (outcomes of team learning can manifest in different ways over time). The integrative theoretical heuristic distinguishes team learning process theories, supporting emergent states, team knowledge representations, and respective influences on team performance and effectiveness. Promising directions for theory development and research are discussed.


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© Oxford University Press. Final version published as: Bell, B. S., Kozlowski, S. W. J., & Blawath, S. (2012). Team learning: A theoretical integration and review. In S. W. J. Kozlowski (Ed.), The Oxford handbook of organizational psychology: Vol. 2. (pp. 859-909). Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press. Reprinted with permission. All rights reserved.

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Bradford S Bell, Steve W. J. Kozlowski and Sabrina Blawath. "Team Learning: A Theoretical Integration and Review" (2012)
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