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Critical realism and theological critical realism: opportunities for dialogue
Journal of Critical Realism, Alethia
  • Brad Shipway, Southern Cross University
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The existence of a ‘religious’ strain of critical realism predating ‘secular’ critical realism was brought to the attention of the Bhaskar List by Tobin Nellhaus in June 2000 and raised by Doug Porpora at the IACR Conference in August. The aim of this paper is to examine in a little more detail the characteristics of religious critical realism. In briefly outlining some of the recent developments in this area, some similarities and differences between critical realism and theological critical realism arise which may be of interest to readers of Alethia.
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Shipway, B 2000, 'Critical realism and theological critical realism: opportunities for dialogue', Journal of Critical Realism, Alethia, vol. 3, no.2, pp. 29-33.