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God and Gadgets: Following Jesus in a Technological Age
Religious Studies Faculty Publications
  • Brad Kallenberg, University of Dayton
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Technologies are deeply embedded in the modern West. What would our lives be like without asphalt, glass, gasoline, electricity, window screens, or indoor plumbing? We naturally praise technology when it is useful and bemoan it when it is not. But there is much more to technology than the usefulness of this or that artifact. Unfortunately, we tend not to consider the inherently social and moral character of technology. As a result, we are prone to overlook the effects of technology on our spiritual lives. This book investigates the role technology plays in helping and hampering our Christian practice and witness.
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Note: This book is referred to in some instances by the title God and Gadgets: Following Jesus in a Technological World.

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Eugene, OR
  • Technology-religious aspects-Christianity,
  • Communications-religious aspects-Christianity,
  • Computers-religious aspects-Christianity,
  • Internet-religious aspects-Christianity,
  • Nancey Murphy
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Brad Kallenberg. God and Gadgets: Following Jesus in a Technological Age. (2011)
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