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Ecclesial Practices
The Oxford Handbook of the Epistemology of Theology
  • Colin M. McGuigan, University of Dayton
  • Brad Kallenberg, University of Dayton
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Book Chapter
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In this chapter, we first provide an overview of the place of practice in some of the most prominent recent epistemologists of religion; second, we give an account of an ordinary practice (engineering) to flesh out a general conception of the importance of practice in training cognizers for skilled perception; third, and last, we connect the results of this inquiry with renewed theological and philosophical interest in the ‘spiritual senses’ tradition. The upshot of these reflections is the conclusion that an adequate account of social practices already anticipates the possibility that ecclesial practice might contribute to an epistemic transformation capable of realizing new (spiritual) perceptional capacities by the transformed.
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Citation information: McGuigan, Colin J., and Kallenberg, Brad J. “Ecclesial Practices.” In Fred Aquino and William Abraham (Ed.), The Oxford Handbook of the Epistemology of Theology. London & New York: Oxford University Press (forthcoming).

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Colin M. McGuigan and Brad Kallenberg. "Ecclesial Practices" The Oxford Handbook of the Epistemology of Theology (2015)
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