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Lease arrangements for green commercial buildings
  • Tim Power
  • Rebecca Campbell
  • Brad Jessup
This paper focuses on commercial rental properties, in particular office buildings. Problems, and possible solutions, for achieving consensus between a landlord and tenant on introducing ecologically sustainable development (ESD) principles into commercial leasing arrangements are considered in the context of new building projects and retrofitting existing buildings. In the latter context, the possible reliance on 'standard' commercial leases are considered, as well as a value proposition for tenants whose activities may be disturbed, or whose costs may be increased by, retrofitting ESD design features into an existing building. ESD-specific commercial lease terms are also briefly outlined.
  • Environmental law,
  • Property law,
  • Green lease,
  • Lease,
  • Climate change
Publication Date
July, 2004
Citation Information
Tim Power, Rebecca Campbell, and Brad Jessup. "Lease arrangements for green commercial buildings" Australian Property Law Bulletin. (2004) 19(3): 29