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Alchemy in Education: Towards a Preschool Model in College Classrooms
Journal of Conscious Evolution
  • Brad Van Alstyne, Department of Communication and Media Studies, Dominican Unvversity of California
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Communication and Media Studies

Education has long been a necessary, yet standardized procedure with little difference from program to program or school to school. In this paper I argue that more of a creative approach using existing educational models such as preschool education would serve us well in the development of student skills at all levels, including college. I also contend that an alchemical metaphor would be useful in the application and acknowledgement of the value of such an approach.

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Brad Van Alstyne. "Alchemy in Education: Towards a Preschool Model in College Classrooms" Journal of Conscious Evolution Vol. 5 (2010) p. 1 - 5 ISSN: 1555-9262
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