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"One Soul Shall Not Be Lost": The War in Heaven in Mormon Thought
Journal of Mormon History (2012)
  • Boyd J Petersen, Utah Valley University
In this essay I look at the war in heaven from five different angles. First, I examine the historical antecedents of the war in heaven, its origins and evolution of the narrative in Western religious traditions. Second, I explore the development of the narrative in Mormon thought and its literal level of interpretation. Third, I discuss ways Mormon use the war in heaven to convey a moral message. Fourth, I examine in some detail the ways Mormons employ the narrative as an allegory to explain current events, illustrating the Mormon worldview engaging in increasing conflicts about agency. Finally, I conclude with a brief look at how the narrative is used to portray future prophetic events of Church history.
Publication Date
Winter 2012
Citation Information
Boyd J Petersen. ""One Soul Shall Not Be Lost": The War in Heaven in Mormon Thought" Journal of Mormon History Vol. 38 Iss. 1 (2012)
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