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Localisation of Production Placement and Reduction of Energy Transfer
Asian J. of Information Technology (2007)
  • Tarak Mesbah
  • Kamel Bounaya
  • Boukhemis Chetate
The first step in the planning of the electrical supply networks consists in defining the optimum placement of one or more power stations; this can be done by the centre of gravity method, or by the minimal reduced costs. The first method take in account only the optimisation of investments, tended that the second in addition to the investments holds operating statement "production cost, cooling and transport." In this study, we show also the strategy and the criteria of delimitation of the zones to electrify by the same departure and to reduce the transfer of power between zones, which has as a consequence a better plan of voltage.
  • Localisation of production,
  • placement and reduction,
  • energy transfer,
  • investement,
  • optimisation
Publication Date
Winter September, 2007
Citation Information
Tarak Mesbah, Kamel Bounaya and Boukhemis Chetate. "Localisation of Production Placement and Reduction of Energy Transfer" Asian J. of Information Technology Vol. 6 Iss. 9 (2007)
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