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About Boukhemis Chetate

Boukhemis CHETATE- Professor of the Boumerdès University (Algeria). He is, in one hand, the Director of the Research Laboratory on the Electrification of Industrial Enterprises and, in another hand, Editor and reviewer of International Journals in Electrical Engineering.
Boukhemis Chetate has an original scientific contribution in many domains in electrical engineering, such as: Electrical Energy Saving; Electric drives; Automatic control; Artificial intelligence; Industrial applications, etc.


Present Head of the research program: Design, optimization and exploitation of Algerian made motors ,
Present Member of the Algerian National Pedagogic Council of Electrotechnic,
Present Member of the Editorial Board of The Asian Journal of Information Technology ,
Present Member of the Editorial Board of The Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences,
Present Member of the Scientific Committee of The International Symposium on INnovations in Intelligent SysTems and Applications INISTA'2007,
Present Member of the Scientific Committee of The Journal of Communication, Science and Technology,

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests

• Energy saving & energetic policy, • Electrical drives, • Artificial Intelligence & Computer aided design, • Optimization of design and exploitation of Electric machines , • Technical and energetic audit of industrial enterprises, • Automatic Diagnosis of Electromechanical Systems, and • New and renewable Energies

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Honors and Awards

  • Honorary member of the International Society for Advanced Research

Contact Information

Prof. Boukhemis CHETATE
Directeur du Laboratoire de Recherche surl'Electrification des Entreprises Industrielles.
Université de Boumerdès - Algérie
Tél/Fax: + 213 24 81 70 50


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