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Course Syllabus
Privacy and Information Technology
Fall, 2017, UCLA Information Studies 262A 289-2 (2017)
  • Christine L Borgman
Privacy is a broad topic that covers many disciplines, stakeholders, and concerns. This course addresses the intersection of privacy and information technology, surveying a wide array of topics of concern for research and practice in the information fields. Among the topics covered are the history and changing contexts of privacy; privacy risks and harms; law, policies, and practices; privacy in searching for information, in reading, and in libraries; surveillance, networks, and privacy by design; information privacy of students; uses of learning analytics; privacy associated with government data, at all levels of government; information security, cyber risk; and how privacy and data are governed by universities. We will touch on relationships between privacy, security, and risk; on identification and re-identification of individuals; privacy-enhancing technologies; the Internet of Things; open access to data; drones; and other current issues in privacy and information technology.
Publication Date
Fall 2017
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Christine L Borgman. "Privacy and Information Technology" Fall, 2017, UCLA Information Studies 262A 289-2 (2017)
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