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About Christine L. Borgman

My research and teaching span information retrieval, human-computer interaction, information seeking and use, scholarly communication, and bibliometrics. Since the latter 1990s, these themes have converged in the study of data and data practices, exploring how observations, models, artifacts, and software become data; how these practices vary by individual and by discipline; and how these findings can be employed in the design of data collection, data management, data archiving, and science policy.

Publications remain the currency of scholarship, despite substantial evolution in form and function over a period of centuries. In the latter 20th century, data began to be viewed as scholarly products in their own right. Factors contributing to the value of research data include the transition from print to electronic publishing, the ability to acquire and analyze large volumes of digital content in the sciences and humanities alike, and policies that promote openness and transparency.

On the surface, open access to data appears to offer vast benefits for research, education, and innovation by leveraging public investments in research. Public policy documents suggest that releasing data is an easy task to be accomplished at the time of publishing articles or books, and that research data are yet another genre to be absorbed by libraries and archives. Underlying these simple claims is a morass of theoretical, social, policy, and practical problems. This morass has proven to be fertile ground for research in information studies.

How to use this site:
This site contains entries for most of my publications, presentations, and course syllabi. As governed by copyright agreements, entries may include final published versions, submitted versions, working documents, slides, abstracts, and metadata. Links to sources and to video recordings of presentations also are provided.

As most of my works cover multiple topics, the elaborate subject classification has been abandoned in favor of listing entries by format in reverse chronological order. Each entry has subject categories and topical tags (data, scholarly communication, information retrieval, bibliometrics, sensor networks, astronomy, humanities, and so on) that are searchable in the box at the bottom right of the page. Other links at the right lead to my UCLA homepage, research group, blog, Twitter feed, and email.

The site is updated regularly with new publications, presentations, and other works. Please subscribe to my mailing list for updates.


Present Professor & Presidential Chair in Information Studies, University of California, Los Angeles

Research Interests

Data practices, scholarly communication, Information retrieval, digital libraries, human-computer interaction, and Information technology and policy

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235 GSE&IS Bldg, UCLA
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