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Law & Globalization
  • Bocconi School of Law Student-Edited Papers

Too often is the debate on globalization reduced to a ‘battle of the slogans’, with little in the way of critical and analytical examination of problems and solutions. In this respect, there is much lawyers can do to make such debate more inclusive, open to consideration of multiple perspectives. This book therefore offers a demonstration, with respect to eight different issues, of the problem-solving methodology typical of jurists: a method reflecting awareness of the importance to strike a balance between the conflicting interests which the growing global interconnectedness of the modern world touches upon. Part One focuses on ‘macro’ governance issues that have arisen under globalization: which law to govern globalization; the controversial transplant of ‘Western’ institutional models in developing economies; the relationship between international migration and free trade and the choice between private and public regulation to order important aspects of economic activity, such as corporate social responsibility. Part Two then considers globalization as it is played out in specific sectors of the law, such as contract, criminal, comparative and environmental law.

Publication Date
Bocconi School of Law Student-Edited Papers
VDM Publishing
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Law & Globalization (Bocconi Sch. L. Student-Ed. Papers ed., VDM Publishing Saarbrücken 2009)