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About Bocconi Legal Papers

Welcome to the Selected Works page of Bocconi Legal Papers, the first Italian student-run publication venue, in collaboration with professors and scholars of Bocconi School of Law.
Bocconi Legal Papers was founded in 2008 and is still run as a project aimed at enhancing research and development of legal knowledge, goal that it realizes by publishing articles written by exponents of the academic world, as well as Ph.D. candidates in legal matters and practitioners (i.e., lawyers, judges, notaries).
During the whole year, Bocconi Legal Papers publishes online academic papers disserting about innovative and current legal topics. Moreover, every six months (i.e., in June and in December) the Law Journal releases hard-copy issues where it gathers contributions related to the field of «Law and Business», theme to be interpreted broadly and thus encompassing both public and private law without excluding in principle any particular branch of law. The Editorial Board may further specify the editorial focus of each hard-copy publication by means of the related Call for Papers.
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