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Workflows for Outsourced Technical Services
Library Services Faculty and Staff Publications
  • Dianne L. Narum, Bemidji State University
  • Robert L. Bothmann, Minnesota State University - Mankato
  • Christopher E. Getz, Great River Regional Library
  • Mic Golden, Great River Regional Library
  • Paddy Satzer, University of St. Thomas
Document Type
Conference Presentation
Publication Date

This panel discussion on workflows for outsourced technical services work will include benefits and problems encountered by libraries, vendor-supplied or purchased MARC records, WorldCat Cataloging Partners, and ILS limitations. The discussion will also include what questions need to be asked when considering vendor records. For example, what does the library need? What can the vendor provide? Is there a workable middle ground?

Citation Information
Narum, Dianne L., Robert Bothmann, Christopher E. Getz, Mic Golden, and Paddy Satzer. 2009. "Workflows for Outsourced Technical Services." Panel presentation at the Minnesota Library Association Annual Conference. Saint Cloud, Minn., October 15.