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Keyword Indexing of Fixed Field Character Positions... Technical Services Answer to Anything You Ever Wanted to Know about Records with Coded Information that is Positionally Defined
Library Services Faculty and Staff Publications
  • Rebecca Bell, PALS
  • Robert L. Bothmann, Minnesota State University - Mankato
  • Mary Ann Greenwald, PALS
  • Alan Rykhus, PALS
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The creation of a fixed field keyword index allows staff to get more specific statistical counts, correct records, and obtain specific sets of records. We cover the technical aspects and flexibility of creating the indexing table and the tab_expand expand_doc_type tables, as well as the cost-effectiveness of this approach, indexing time, and maintenance overhead.
Citation Information
Bell, Rebecca, Robert Bothmann, Mary Ann Greenwald, and Al Rykhus. 2006. "Keyword indexing of Fixed Field character positions... Technical Services' answer to anything you ever wanted to know about records with coded information that is positionally defined." Presented at the ELUNA Annual Meeting. Knoxville, Tenn., June 6.