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About Bob Schoenberg

Bob Schoenberg is a graduate of the Critical & Creative Thinking Program at UMass Boston(MA, '92). He created and has taught the online course in Critical Thinking since 2003. Prior to teaching at UMASS, Boston, he taught Critical Thinking at MassBay Community College in Newton, MA. He has also served as a consultant and trainer to the Massachusetts Teachers Association (MTA), where he has given workshops in Critical Thinking and has taught at Regis College. Prior to teaching Critical Thinking, Mr. Schoenberg served as a software trainer and stress management consultant. He incorporates stress management into his course in Critical Thinking based on the premise that one can't think critically if one is stressed.
Bob has an extensive background in training and curriculum development. Combining his background as a software trainer, educator and curriculum developer, he provides a comprehensive and highly effective online experience for his students. He brings practical business experience to the online classroom as well. Believing that all professions can benefit from critical thinking skills he is especially interested in promoting those skills in the business world. An entrepreneur and trainer, himself, Mr. Schoenberg has written a book entitled, Critical Thinking in Business (Science Humanities Press, 2007).


Present Instructor, Critical & Creative Thinking Program, University of Massachusetts Boston