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Unpublished Paper
Pragmatic Acculturation and Health: Production and Utilization of Ágbó in South-Eastern Nigeria
Unpublished work (2014)
  • Blessing Onyima, Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka Nigeria
Pragmatic acculturation is increasingly becoming a global phenomenon particularly in the health sector. It is evident among providers and users of traditional herbal tonics in Nigeria involving inter-cultural/ethnic herbal exchanges. Agbo is a traditional Yoruba herbal and root remedy believed to cure a lot of ailments like malaria, sexually transmitted infections, and infertility issues, stomach upset, menstrual cramps, back aches, among others. This herbal remedy initially produced by the Yorubas is now produced and utilized by other ethnic groups in Nigeria mainly because of its capacity to meet the health needs of all class of people and for its affordability and availability. This is an ethnographic study which employed participant observation, key informant and in-depth interviews anchored on Stella Quah‟s ideas on pragmatic acculturation to ascertain why this cultural borrowing and transformations, who are the producers, distributors and users and what is its implication for health of Nigerians? Findings reveal willing and conscious migration and borrowing otherwise known as pragmatic acculturation as the main reason. Other factors are failure of the Nigerian health system to meet health needs of all especially the poor, subjective beliefs about biomedical drugs, ignorance, and low level of health education among others. Study recommends a re-evaluation of the primary health care policy, regulation of traditional herbal practitioners and proper health education of the Nigerian populace on the negative impacts of pragmatic acculturation on health.
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Blessing Onyima. "Pragmatic Acculturation and Health: Production and Utilization of Ágbó in South-Eastern Nigeria" Unpublished work (2014)
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