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Symmetries of embedded complete bipartite graphs
Fundamenta Mathematicae
  • Erica Flapan
  • Nicole Lehle
  • Blake Mellor, Loyola Marymount University
  • Matt Pittluck
  • Xan Vongsathorn
Document Type
Article - post-print
Publication Date
We characterize which automorphisms of an arbitrary complete bipartite graph Kn,m can be induced by a homeomorphism of some embedding of the graph in S3.

This article is the post-print version.

Citation Information
E. Flapan, N. Lehle, M. Pittluck and X. Vongsathorn, 2014: Symmetries of embedded complete bipartite graphs. Fundamenta Mathematicae, 226, 1-16, arXiv:1205.4052.