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Validating methods for using noninvasive brain stimulation to influence auditory perception
Project Summaries
  • BrainsCAN, Western University, BrainsCAN, Western University
  • Jessica Grahn, Western University
  • Molly Henry, Western University
  • Blake Butler, Western University
  • Marc Joanisse, Western University
  • Stefan Everling, Western University

We will be exploring the influence of a weak alternating current on neural activity at different frequencies to build a more complete picture of tACS. We will also incorporate EEG measurements to help us predict how the synchronization varies across individuals, to determine when to provide stimulation for each individual. Finally, we will vary the tACS stimulation and use participant behaviour as the measure to understand what stimulation timing produces the largest behavioural changes.

Publication Date

Funding Program

BrainsCAN Accelerator Grant: Stimulus

Additional BrainsCAN Support

Human Cognition and Sensorimotor Core


Western Faculty, Group or Institution

Faculty of Social Science, Department of Psychology

Citation Information
BrainsCAN, Western University, Jessica Grahn, Molly Henry, Blake Butler, et al.. "Validating methods for using noninvasive brain stimulation to influence auditory perception" London(2018)
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