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Territorializing Indigeneity and Powwow Markets
Anthropologica (2013)
  • Blaire O. Gagnon, University of Rhode Island
North American powwows are presented by organizers and presumed by society at large to be Native events. Research has rarely considered the processes by which powwows become places or the role of territorialization in that process. This article examines the socio-spatial practices powwow organizing committees employ to construct powwows and their arts and crafts markets as places from undifferentiated space and the responses to these practices. I suggest that powwow committees construct powwow space as a form of sovereign political space from which they can manage relations with multiple constituencies and in which contemporary conceptions of Nativeness are negotiated.
  • powwow,
  • art,
  • craft,
  • markets,
  • indigeneity,
  • value
Publication Date
March, 2013
Citation Information
Blaire O. Gagnon. "Territorializing Indigeneity and Powwow Markets" Anthropologica Vol. 55 (2013)
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