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Roles of International Student Advisors: Literature and Practice In American Higher Education
International Education (2015)
  • Krishna Bista
International student advisors are responsible for a myriad of functions ranging from student arrival services, orientation to the academic norms, communicating cultural information and academic expectations, to ensuring that international students are familiar with the pertinent institutional and governmental policies. This paper provides a systematically conducted literature review in the field of international student advising regarding shifting roles of advisors, issues and challenges in the profession, needs of international students, and recommendations for those in the profession.
  • international students,
  • role of advisor,
  • graduate students,
  • academic program
Publication Date
Spring 2015
Citation Information
Bista, K. (2015). Roles of international student advisors: Literature and practice in American higher education. International Education, 44(1), 89-103.