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Wildlife Ecology: Animal Population Sampling & Estimation: Brief Introduction
Unpublished (2015)
  • Mohammed Ashraf
Ecology is not the kind of science that takes people by storm hence I am not expecting that it is just what the doctor ordered. But we at Species Ecology are pretty 'gung ho' about the motion and rolled up our sleeves and buckled down to do our part to ensure science bound ecological sustainability find its niche in the face of anthropogenic development across the chessboard. I am not going to beat around the bush hence one of the main purposes of reaching out to people neatly rooted into the fact that collaborative and collective actions are fundamental to reinforce the conservation pillars in which wildlife science and ecology are basic ingredients.

This is just a short article providing some very brief understanding with regards to ecological study focusing animal population survey design and estimation techniques. The article deduced hard core mathematical rigor and modeling techniques to produce succinct easy-to-understand ecological piece without compromising the statistical rigor. The primary objective of this short essay is to publicize these rather mathematically challenging models in simplistic coherent format so that average people from non scientific background yet avid conservationist can able to digest the rudiment of population ecology and its conservation implications.
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Mohammed Ashraf. "Wildlife Ecology: Animal Population Sampling & Estimation: Brief Introduction" Unpublished (2015)
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