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About Mohammed Ashraf

Mohammed Ashraf is wildlife ecologist whose academic interest broadly focused on estimating the distribution and population parameters of vertebrate species that are facing extinction crisis in tropical ecosystems. In this regard, Ashraf is particularly interested in mathematical model building to answer key demographic and spatial ecological questions in the context of species distribution and abundance. He is the founder of Species Ecology (

Research Interests

Wildlife Ecology, Conservation Management, Vertebrate Species, Mathematical Modeling, Population Ecology, Species Distribution Model (SDM), Statistical Model, Linux based Mathematical Programming, Python Programming, R Programming Environment, LaTeX Implementation, Website Construction and Design, WordPress

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Honors and Awards

  • Higher National Diploma, Ecology & Conservation Management, UK
  • Bachelor of Science with Honors in Wildlife Biology, UK

Wildlife Science (3)

Wildlife Conservation (3)

Tiger Conservation (13)

Biodiversity (1)

Wetlands (3)

Species Ecology (2)