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Media Literacy and the Media-Industrial Complex
San Francisco Public Benefit Corporation PopUpsters and The Worlds Stage. (2015)
  • Bill Yousman
Creating a brighter tomorrow takes a bold new perspective and perception of life.  Welcome to What’s Possible.

100 Years after the last San Francisco Worlds Fair, The Arts and Sciences Come Together to Create Alternative New Systems that are of Service and Benefit to the Public; 
Powered by the People for the People, What’s Possible (aka Possibl) is an independently organized unprecedented festival and catalyst series that is being recorded for broadcast and motion picture release.
In a concerted effort to bring new ideas that serve the needs of the people to more meaningful life, a unique and independently produced “Worlds Fair of Ideas and Actions” has been created to be held the weekend of May 30 and 31 in San Francisco. 

POSSIBL features two days of:
  • High Impact Keynotes and Presentations
  • An Arts and Entertainment Pavilion with Film Screenings and Live Music
  • SF Etsy’s Indie Emporium
  • Independent Arts Expo
  • Small Business Weekend
  • Local Food Lab
  • A Special “Creatrix” where various sectors unite to create solutions
  • Startup Pavillion dedicated to Embracing Solutions
Presenters are qualified experts in their fields who are determined to work together to inspire a better way forward and are from the following sectors:
 Public Health and Wellness
  • Arts and Entertainment
  • Media Literacy
  • Education and Learning
  • Human Rights, Civil Rights
  • Peace and Non Violence
  • Social Entrepreneurship, Social Impact
  • Personal Freedoms, Liberties and Independence
Enabling a Smarter Internet through a Quantic Approach for Human Potential
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Yousman, B. (2015). Media Literacy and the Media-Industrial Complex. Lecture presented at What's Possible (Possibl) in CA, San Francisco.