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Beyond Jungle Fever: An Intertextual Analysis of Gender, Race, and Class Ideologies in Spike Lee's Filmography
Ethnic Media in America: Taking Control Book 2 (2005)
  • Bill Yousman, Sacred Heart University

Seeking to highlight a historically overlooked area of research into ethnic groups in American media, Ethnic Media in America explores media organizations that ALANA groups control, significantly influence, or own.

Historically, research into the role of ethnic groups in American media has generally focused on the negative and exclusionary portrayals of ALANA and other groups in mainstream news, information and entertainment content. Discussions of the results of such studies have emphasized the harmful effects those images have on ALANA individuals, their culture and the broader society.

As a three-part series, Ethnic Media in America draws on the qualitative and quantitative research of scholars in the fields of journalism and mass communications, speech communications, media, film and ethnic studies, history, sociology, economics, business, law and regulations. Together, these contributors answer three underlying questions:

Why do ALANA groups seek to control or significantly influence Eurocentric media, or even own their own media systems? What challenges do ALANA groups face in seeking these forms of empowerment? Are ALANA groups and society in general better served when they do?

At the same time, they also raise important questions about how successful ALANA strategies can be in creating alternative images in economically viable ways for pluralistic American audiences.

Volume 2 Taking Control examines the management, structuring, goals, policies and philosophy of ALANA-owned media organizations, as well as their marketing and advertising strategies, their economic problems and the effects of new technology. In particular, this volume provides insights into how ALANA organizations, entrepreneurs, producers, authors and others act as gatekeepers influencing both ALANA and Eurocentric media.

  • management,
  • structuring,
  • goals,
  • policies,
  • philosophy,
  • Eurocentric media,
  • ALANA,
  • advertising strategies,
  • economics,
  • media organizations
Publication Date
A. A. Tait and G. T. Meiss
Kendall and Hunt
Citation Information
Bill Yousman. "Beyond Jungle Fever: An Intertextual Analysis of Gender, Race, and Class Ideologies in Spike Lee's Filmography" Ethnic Media in America: Taking Control Book 2 (2005)
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