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Cruelty, compassion, commonsense, and critical media literacy
Rethinking Media Education: Critical Pedagogy in Action (2007)
  • Bill Yousman, Sacred Heart University

This collection of essays discusses and analyzes the efficacy of media education around the world, paying particular attention to whether and how it improves the critical thinking skills of students. Many books on the market describe the importance of media education and include suggestions for pedagogy, but few evaluate its effectiveness.

The contributors to this collection therefore push past arguments that simply support the need for media education by asking: Is media education effective in helping young people negotiate better with the mass media. If so, how? And if not, why?

Implicit in this anthology is a belief that without a thorough understanding of the extent to which media education achieves its aims, or fails to do so, its potential cannot truly be fulfilled. Significantly, then, the contributors offer a rich account of media education initiatives and critical analyses from their personal experience of media education in practice. Obstacles, challenges, and disappointments are discussed, as are success stories, lessons learned, and suggestions about how to bring media education closer to achieving its emancipatory goals.

This book will be of interest to anyone concerned with the social and intellectual development of young people, as well as the process and importance of teaching critical thinking.

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A. Nowak, S. Abel. S. Ross
Hampton Press
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Bill Yousman. "Cruelty, compassion, commonsense, and critical media literacy" Creskill, NJRethinking Media Education: Critical Pedagogy in Action (2007)
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